Such a
unique project!
WHAT IS ArenaMon?

The First Automated
NFT Tournament!

ArenaMon is an exciting online tournament where 10,000 monsters fight against each other on their own for ETHEREUM PRIZES. 50% of our OpenSea royalties are going back to our NFT investors.

Every month, we are organizing an exciting tournament where everyone has a chance to win, even the weakest Gabimon!

Get ready for some adrenaline and amazing prizes! This game has been designed for investors who don't have a lot of time.

Choose your

In order to enter the Arena, you need to own a Gabimon. We have created a collection of 10,000 UNIQUE NFTS.

Our team of artists have built 61 different 3D monsters. Get one, and join the battle!



Emberos has an adventurous spirit and is ready to do anything to evolve. They are very curious by nature.

Flame Fire


This Gabimon lives in the desert and is extremely fast. He needs large spaces to train to run.

Aerial Fire


Bloomster looks like a koala and is a Plant type. Very cute, he is very popular with trainers...

Nature Fire


This Gabimon hates physical activity and uses Telekinesis all the time. He has an exceptional memory...

Neuro Fire


A very friendly and generous Gabimon. Its mission is to transport the trainers from one island to another.

Hydro Fire

15 different

ArenaMon is a game based on probabilities. The tournament is automatic and there isn't any gameplay at the moment.

It's just like watching your favourite sports team play and waiting for the result.

Our monsters have 15 different types (flame, hydro, insect, nature, venom, earth, aerial,etc.) Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example: a Gabimon Flame has a win rate of 60% against a nature Gabimon (40%).

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How to Play ArenaMon

IT'S EASY AS 1, 2, 3...

Our game is 100% automatic and has been created for busy investors. You don't need to spend a single second of your time playing.

Once you own a GabiMon, you are entitled to free lifetime monthly recurring tournaments. This gives you a chance to hit the big jackpot every month!

How to Win?

How to Win?

On the 1st of every month, we are
organizing a FREE automatic tournament
that is based on direct elimination.
It works like this:

Day 1: 5,000 monsters vs 5,000 monsters
Day 2: 2,500 monsters vs 2,500 monsters
Day 3: 1,250 monsters vs 1,250 monsters
Day + X: keep playing until we have a winner.

If you get a chance to end up in the top 8 players,
you will get a % of the royalties! It's that easy!

We have created a special collection with Legendaries, Shinies, and many more special versions! A Legendary or Shiny GabiMon will give you a 10% increased chances of winning your battle. But a poisoned or confused version will reduce your chances by -1% !

Legendaries and Shinies have more chances to win the tournament but, they are also hard to get because they are so rare. If you are lucky enough to own one, hold it or sell it for a very high price!

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ArenaMon might be an automatic tournament, but it doesn't mean that you can't influence your chances of winning the tournament. ArenaMon is an investment game where you need to make smart decisions.

You must be careful and monitor your fight results. The closer you get to winning the tournament, the more you should resell your NFT for.

If you are one fight away from winning the tournament, reselling your NFT at floor price would be a terrible mistake.


A Game Designed for Investors.

Everything has been created to bring everyone money.

How Much Can You Earn?

50% of our royalties are going back
to our amazing community.

As the owners of ArenaMon, we get 10% royalties from every single trade that happens inside our collection.

If James decides to sell his NFT to John for 2 ETH, we get 10% from this amount i.e 0.2 ETH. From this 0,2 ETH, we are giving back 50% to the community (0.1 ETH).

Some NFT collections generate millions in royalties every single months. We will try our best to create some very lucrative tournaments.

  • The more NFTs you own, the more you increase your chances of winning the Jackpot.
  • If your GabiMon reaches an advanced position in the tournament, it has more chances of reselling for a high price.
  • The tournament resets every month. This means that you are getting a new chance of winning royalties every single month, for as long as you hold.

    This is why people have an interest in holding and collecting multiple NFTs.



Why do we believe that ArenaMon could be your best NFT investment ever?


Our long term vision.

When it comes to NFT, everybody wants to make money. This is our goal, this is YOUR goal. Most of the NFT projects fail to do this because either the project was weak, or the creators vanished after the mint.

We have spent several months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop ArenaMon. We will do anything we can to make Arenamon a massive success.

We are happy to invest 20% of our royalties immediately back to our marketing budget. The main focus is to increase the value of the GabiMon collection over time.


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Our Roadmap


Period: December 2021
Status: Achieved

  • Concept development
  • Brainstorming
  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis

Period: December 2021
Status: Achieved

  • Hiring game developers
  • Hiring 2D designer
  • Hiring 3D designers
  • Hiring webdesigner
  • Hiring logo creator

Period: December 2021
Status: Achieved

  • Creating Youtube Channel
  • Creating Discord Channel
  • Creating Twitter Account

Period: Jan - March 2022
Status: Achieved

  • Make Discord server public
  • Promote Discord to real gamers.
  • Grow min. 50,000 real members
  • Advertise online
  • Develop the game with gamers through live events
  • Organize giveaways

Period: Jan - April 2022
Status: Achieved

  • Finish the logo
  • Finish the game design
  • Produce HTML files from PSD
  • Finish game development
  • Run internal test tournaments

Period: May 2022
Status: Achieved

  • Host the website on Amazon AWS server
  • Install SSL certificate
  • Finish the 61 3D characters.
  • Finish the 10,000 NFTs collection
  • Create color variations for the 61 monsters

Period: June 2022
Status: Achieved

  • Promote the first FREE beta tournament
  • Organize giveaways (free NFTs, iPhone, iPad,...)

Period: July 2022
Status: Achieved

  • Promote the launch of the BETA tournament
  • Open whitelist to public
  • Open raffle to public
  • Build whitepapers
  • Create smart contract
  • Prepare mint page

Period: August 2022
Status: Achieved

  • Launch of the BETA Tournament
  • Get feedback from Beta testers
  • Prepare September's tournament
  • Announce mint date

Period: September 2022 - ...
Status: In progress

  • Launch the mint
  • Launch the NFT tournament on 15th of September
  • Keep advertising the next tournaments
  • Build a real online game
  • Instant reveal for the NFT collection


Yes, the more you own, the more chances you have to win the tournament. The good thing about our game is that it's not consuming your time.

This is not a problem, we have kept some powerful legendary NFTs that you will be able to win during the tournament if we don't have a lot of royalties. Having a lot of holders is the dream of every collection. It means that you can easily resell at any point.

Very simple, we will check on OpeanSea (The wallet that is attached to the NFT) and send the ETH rewards.

No, we won't go above this number. Our goal is to increase the value of the collection and this won't happen by increasing the supply.

The only way would be to visit our OpenSea collection and buy the NFT from someone else.

This is not a problem, you can either re-enter by buying an NFT from someone else or wait for the next month. The tournament will reset indefinatly. As long as you hold your NFT, you retain a chance of hitting the jackpot every month.

We have 8 winners per tournament. The first position will get 35% of the royalties, the 2nd 20%, the 3rd 15%, 4th 10% and the rest will get 5%. This is something that can be discussed with our investors. If you want more or less winners, anything is possible. We are always here to listen and improve.

We are NOT affiliated nor have a partnership with any companies. We never use copyrighted materials. All our assets (logo, name, code, website, webdesign, algorithm, monsters, descriptions,...) are unique and in-house created. We do get our inspiration from some other projects, but our legal advisors confirmed that there is nothing wrong with this.

The NFT market is very scary and we understand your concerns. For each winner in our tournament, we are going to post the etherscan proof transactions on our winners page. Our goal is to create recurring tournaments and increase our floor price and royalties. We didn't create such a heavy project to vanish after 1 month and ruin our online reputation forever. It's up to you to trust us or not, but don't forget that our game will be ready BEFORE the mint! A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...


Our founders Gabriel and Maxime are 35 years old and they are from Belgium. They met each other when they were 4 years old and quickly became best friends and business partners.

Gabriel started his career at the age of 13. His passion for gaming emerged when he designed his first website, about Pokémon, in 2000.

Over the last 22 years, Maxime and Gabriel launched several successful online businesses. They used to own and sell advertising to big brands (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Intel, Nintendo,...) on Puissance Pokémon and Nintendo Master, the two biggest fan websites in the French speaking market.

In 2011 they created Media-Clic the 3rd largest CPM advertising network in France (100 million banners daily). They sold it later on.

They currently own a very large e-commerce network that allows them to create and promote ArenaMon on personal funds.

We know how important it is for NFT projects to have a doxxed team, so please click the button below to watch the video about our founders and their success stories.

Meet Our Team

We have a team of 18 people working on ArenaMon. Please find below
the list of the main contributors.
Team member
Team member
Team member
2D Designer
Team member
Team member
3D Designer
Team member
Game Developer
Team member
Discord Expert
Team member

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