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Tournament Tournament update 29/01/2023: we are at day + 15 of the competition. Active Player(s) : 2 - Eliminated Player(s) : 9998


Please find below the list of the most common questions asked.

Please click the button "join tournament" on the right corner of this page and follow the instructions.You may also click here.

Yes, the tournament is recurring and will restart every 15th of the month. As long as you hold your NFT, you have a lifetime guaranteed spot.

Yes, as long as you are holding the NFT, the monster belongs to you. If you sell it, you are loosing your spot and the new owner immediately joins the tournament.

It isn't possible to divide 10,000 by 2 and to reach a single winner at the end. Because of this, we had to add bots on first round. We are actually launching the first round with 10,000 real players and 6392 bots. After 1 day, we are left with 8196 monsters, which is a number you can divide by 2 until reaching a winner.

No, all you have to do is to wait for the countdown to hit 0 and check your result. There is NOTHING to do. This game has been designed for busy investors.

Because they believe in the project and want to make money. Investing in NFTs is like investing in Bitcoin. People want to buy it early, to resell it later at a higher price. Others just enjoy the game and want to have a monthly chance to win our jackpot.