How To Play | Arenamon
Tournament Tournament update 29/01/2023: we are at day + 15 of the competition. Active Player(s) : 2 - Eliminated Player(s) : 9998

How to Play

Watch This Short Video Below To Understand How To Play.


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0:11 What is Arenamon?

0:27 How often do you run the tournament?

0:33 Is the tournament free? Do I need to invest in NFT?

0:40 What are the prizes in the tournament?

1:42 Why are people excited to invest in Arenamon?

2:10 How can I join the tournament?

2:29 What is Discord? How to join the community?

3:00 How to check which monster I'm playing with?

3:32 How can I access my monster's profile page?

3:51 Where can I see my next battle?

3:55 How can I know if I won or lost? How to play?

4:23 What's happening if I lose my battle?

4:50 Is my spot in the tournament guaranteed?

5:05 Why do people want to invest early in the project?

5:20 What if I have more questions? How to contact?